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Connected Commerce Search Engine Optimization Marketing During The Covid-19 Pandemic And Stories Of Success

Connected Commerce SEOI have a long term client who is a global software solutions industry leader fulfilling all the requirements of a successful, connected, commerce supply chain. For this client, there is no possibility of using a “one size fits all” solution for their internet marketing needs. A specialized business requires a hand-crafted solution, and our connected commerce SEO campaign is just the ticket.

They specialize in software solutions for:

  • EDI/ Electronic Data Interchange
  • eCommerce
  • Inventory & Fulfillment
  • Collaborative Replenishment / VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)
  • Business System Integrations
  • eCommerce Integrations
  • Marketplaces

They shared with me a success story related to search engine optimization during last week’s search engine optimization consultation call but first we must cover what is going on in this new world of Covid-19.

The Impact of Covid-19 On Business

As we endure the impact that Covid-19 has had on existing industries we have come across some interesting success stories. Before we get to a very positive success story, we need to consider some of the negative experiences due to the impact of Covid-19.

We see it on the news every day that millions are losing their jobs. Entire industries are being impacted. Businesses are shutting down.

Congress has allocated a $2 trillion stimulus package to relief efforts.

The country has been closed down to foreign business and traffic.

Businesses and individuals are unable to pay their rent.

Parents are further struggling to manage with their school-aged children at home.

However, there is a Shining Light at the End of the Tunnel.

Light at the end of the tunnelMy global connected commerce supply chain software solutions client reported to me some good news. On last week’s SEO campaign management consultation call, they reported very successful lead generation and a solid business month of March.

We discussed our corporate messaging about general marketing strategies during this Covid-19 outbreak timeframe. You can read our corporate message on our company blog here at Double Down or Hunker Down – Marketing Choices During COVID19.

I see organic search activity across multiple industries and all my clients. For the most part, the numbers are down for visitor traffic and organic search visit conversions.

I am seeing the same decline in organic search visits and conversion both month over month and year over year for my global connected commerce software solutions provider client.

I expected a pretty poor weekly search engine optimization campaign management call. I had evidence that the downturn in organic search visits and conversions was across the board. It was not just this one client, in this one specific industry, due to inactivity in organic search from Covid-19.

Before I even got started on reporting the activity that I was seeing, my client marketing contact headed me off at the beginning of the call. He reported that they were having a very strong month in qualified leads. In fact, closed business (sales) offset any negative activity that I was seeing.

My client contact reported they recorded one of the largest single sales in company history. Their statement is that their potential clients who were on the fence are either choosing to not invest in their unified commerce business infrastructure or that they were going all in!

So, with that said, we encourage you to stay invested in your business for the long haul.

Stay in The Game!

Search Engine Results Page SEOOne of the reasons this client can stay ahead of the curve is that they have excellent keyword ranking results in the Google SERPs. We got them there with a uniquely tailored connected commerce SEO campaign, and we work to keep them there.

Their results are in front of the eyeballs that are organically searching for their unified, connected, commerce solutions during these times. This is true for first time purchases or upgrading their current commerce solutions.

Keep in mind, if you reduce your search engine optimization marketing budget now, or eliminate it altogether, you will be out of the game. You quite possibly may be unable to recover after the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown has subsided.

We expect there is going to be a lot of pent-up demand for consumer-packaged goods, travel and leisure services, medical services, restaurant services, auto repair services, social services, personal care services and products, etc… like never in the history of this country! All having a positive impact on the global commerce supply chain.

We are advising all clients to run an operational status banner at the top of every page. This indicates to clients and potential clients that you are still there, whether your employees are working from home or you are temporarily shut down.

You can still make appointments for some time in the future. You will be able to ship products to your customers when your staff is available to return to work and are able to ship them.

Your competition may not be able to say the same.

Take those pre-appointments now!

Take those pre-orders now!

Have your work at home self-quarantined staff available to take customer support calls!

We will come out of this. Remember at the onset of World War II we had 458,365 active military enlisted across all branches of the military. At the end, we had 12,209,238 (ref: ).

Many U.S. manufactures switched to wartime production. Automotive plants built tanks, planes, jeeps, and trucks. Typewriter manufacturers built rifles and pistols. (ref:  ).

America emerged from the war as one of the most powerful countries in the world. (ref: )

America and the world will overcome this Covid-19 pandemic.

Those companies that choose to double down will make it.

Those companies that choose to hunker down and end or postpone their search engine optimization campaigns may not be able to recover. They may be forced to shut down operations completely.

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About the Author: Mark B. Gray

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