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Finding “Bottom-of-the-Funnel” Sales Leads in Facebook Groups

Finding Bottom of the Funnel Sales Leads in Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups Finding Bottom of the Funnel | Group Of Human Figure Holding Hand on Hand

Imagine the impact on your business if you had continuous access to qualified, high-value prospects without having to lift a finger. What if every one of your leads were personally referred to your business?

We all know referrals are GOLD!

But what makes referred leads so much better than regular ones? Why do referrals supercharge trust and practically ensure a sale?

Well, for starters…

  • “Word-of-Mouth” recommendations are the primary factor behind up to 50% of all purchasing decisions! (McKinsey)
  • People are 4x more likely to buy when they receive a referral. (Neilson)
  • 70% of consumers give more credibility to consumer reviews and recommendations than professional written content. (Reevo)

Referred clients are also BETTER clients…

  • The lifetime value of a referred customer is 16% higher (Wharton School of Business).
  • Word-of-mouth customers have a 37% higher retention rate (Deloitte).
  • Referred customers have an 18% lower churn (Marketing Intelligence Review).

The question is, how do you get more referrals for your business?

The answer is Facebook, more specifically, Facebook Groups.

Did you know… according to an internal Facebook study – 1 in 3 people use the platform to look for recommendations every single day!?

I’m sure you have seen posts in some of your favorite Facebook groups that look like these…

Facebook Groups Examples | Different Facebook Post About Inquiries

Group members are constantly asking for recommendations and referrals in Facebook groups. These requests represent “bottom-of-the-funnel” leads! The examples above are requests we see every day in business and entrepreneurial groups.

Some businesses are hiring white label social media management experts to create and manage Facebook groups. You can also add white label Facebook ads that target members of your business-specific Facebook groups.

The Problem…

The average Facebook user is in over 30 different Facebook groups. That means, on average, there are between 300 to 3,000 posts just from the groups we are in. That doesn’t include the posts from friends, family, ads, etc. With the overwhelming number of posts, someone would need to sift through each day to find all of the “bottom-of-the-funnel” leads. It is no wonder few have mastered this potential source for consistent lead generation.

The only options available for most people is to rely on the Facebook algorithm to reveal these posts in your newsfeed or click through every group and individually search for posts where someone is asking for a recommendation for a service you provide. Neither of those options will yield meaningful results consistently.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could create a list of keywords associated with your business and get a notification every time someone in a Facebook group asks for a recommendation for your product or service? You know, a social listening tool that works in public AND private Facebook groups.

[bctt tweet=”Did you know… according to an internal Facebook study – 1 in 3 people use Facebook Group platform to look for recommendations every single day!?” username=”ThatCompanycom”]

The Solution…

That’s where Social Referral Finder comes in!
Click to learn more & get access here – Check out Social Referral Finder

It can be simple to use Facebook groups to your advantage when you know what you’re doing.

Social Referral Finder is proprietary software that allows you to monitor the most relevant Facebook groups for your specific keywords. Using the Social Referral Finder software allows you NEVER to miss when your next customer asks for a recommendation for your service!

The leads you find from Facebook groups are:

  • Ready-to-buy
  • Have a higher customer lifetime value (CLV)
  • Are more loyal
  • Require lower marketing costs
  • Market your business for you through even more referrals. You found this customer in a group, and they will continue to participate in this group and refer your services when other group members ask about it.

Sound great? Why wouldn’t it?

Keys to Success

This approach works, but there are certain things you need to do to make sure you are setting yourself up for success.

1 – Selecting Keywords with Buying Intent

Monitoring Facebook Groups for bottom-of-the-funnel sales leads means being able to find the conversations your real-life customers are having.

To find these conversations, you need keywords to identify the buyers’ user intent. Below are examples of the types of conversations & keywords that matter most for business development. Any combination of these can help highlight questions, pain points, & concerns that you can address directly.

Help-specific keywords. These keywords signal prospects looking for specific answers that could result in a sale. This could mean a product recommendation or a piece of content (“looking for,” “help,” “recommend,” “tips,” “ideas,” etc.).

Help Specific Keywords | Users Sample Posts 1 Looking For Marketing Coach

Help Specific Keywords | Users Sample Posts Looking For FB Ads Recommendation

Transactional Keywords. These terms highlight prospects ready to spend but are stuck on making a decision (“sale,” “price,” “pricing,” “cost,” etc.).

Transactional Keywords | Sample Post Inquiry about Rebranding

Industry-Specific Keywords. These terms are specific to your industry and the product you are selling. These keywords indicate a higher level of awareness and typically mean they’re probably beyond the “just browsing” phase (“course creation,” “web design,” “email marketing,” “Shopify,” etc.).

Industry-Specific Keywords | Sample Post Inquiry about course recreation program

Software/Tool-Specific Keywords. Do you help with setting up a specific CRM specializing in creating websites on a particular platform? If so, you would certainly wish to monitor Facebook groups for the keywords related to the software/tools you use (“Shopify,” “Kajabi,” “Thinkific,” “QuickBooks,” etc.) It would make sense to monitor group posts for keywords related to the type of software typically used for your services.

Software/Tool-Specific Keywords | Facebook Group Sample Post Looking For Shopify Expert

Software/Tool-Specific Keywords | Facebook Group Sample Post Asking For Best Online Platform

Using a Facebook group monitoring tool will lead you and your sales team right to people who are actively searching for your product/service or who might need some reassurance or an extra “push” to become full-fledged customers.

Competitor Keywords. Chances are, you aren’t the only business offering your services in the market. You can capitalize on the brand awareness created by your top competitors. By monitoring Facebook groups for competitor mentions (in addition to your own), you will find people who want a service but aren’t sold on your competitor. These posts are a fantastic opportunity to highlight your company’s unique selling proposition. Are you less expensive, do you offer more bonuses, do you have a better guarantee? The goal isn’t to trash your competition but to highlight why you might be a better fit.

Even in cases where you don’t make the sale, you can learn valuable information such as sales objections or services that a competitor offers that you don’t—the act of replying shows that you’re actively listening and represents a positive voice in your industry.

2 – Speed to Lead

The amount of time you take to respond to a customer requesting a referral in a group matters a lot. The more time you take to respond, the colder the lead becomes. Try to remember you are not the only company interested in converting these conversations into sales. Do your best to respond quickly (never more than 24 hours at the most). Being quick to respond means your comment will be read, and the original poster is more likely to take action on your comment. We recommend being one of the first 3 to 5 people who respond to a new group post.

3 – Responding to Posts

When the opportunity presents itself in a Facebook group, please take a moment to respond authentically to your potential customers. Craft a personal reply that can stand out from the crowd. Be sure to include ways to obtain more information from you in your post comment (so other people can benefit as well). Don’t be shy! You may want to respond to a post by telling them that you will send them a DM to discuss their needs.

Example of a response:

“Hi {Name}! I just sent you a DM. We would love to help you generate more business using FB ads. We’ve cracked the code on ads to help our customers drive more traffic, decrease customer acquisition costs, and increase sales! I’d be happy to review your offer and strategize during a discovery call. Here is a link to my calendar –”

Cumulative Effect

You may find people clicking through to your landing pages based upon a comment you made (and have forgotten) months ago! Guess what? Unless you violate a group’s rules, all of your comments are never deleted. Every comment made on behalf of your company remains in the group permanently. This is important because many group members prefer to search previous posts rather than create a new post requesting a recommendation/referral. Over time, you will begin to experience the cumulative effect of consistently posting in Facebook groups (similar to SEO) where your comments appear in these search results.

The Social Referral Finder tool allows businesses to automate the process of finding highly relevant sales conversations as they happen in Facebook groups. No more jumping from platform to platform, no more searching manually or hoping the Facebook algorithm reveals these posts in your newsfeed.

Want to learn more? Get access here – Check out Social Referral Finder

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