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The Top 6 Benefits of a Private Label Partner in Digital Marketing

Benefits of a Private Label Partner | Men Shaking Hands

Maybe your digital marketing agency is growing so fast you can barely keep or posed to. Could be you are just starting out, and you have more questions than answers. Regardless of where you are, it can make a lot of sense to find a private label partner to fill in some of your weaknesses, so you can focus on your strengths. That! Company is an award-winning digital marketing agency that has helped so many clients and so many partner agencies break revenue records and grow their businesses the right way. We would welcome the chance to explore those options with you.

What to Look for in a Digital Marketing Private Label Partner

Here, in no particular order, are the top 6 reasons that a private label partner makes so much sense to digital marketing agencies looking to resell SEO, PPC, or SMM services:

  • You can focus on growing your business – You probably have an X-year business plan that projects you to grow through some combination of networking, inbound marketing, and outbound marketing. (If not, it’s time to make one.) The problem many small agencies encounter is that once they grow to a certain size, they spend so much time working in their business that they never get the chance to work on their business. That! Company can help take care of your other clients while you focus on your most important client: your own business.
  • Private Label Partners for Digital Marketing Agencies | House Sold SignYou can sell things you could never sell before – The odds are your team is really good at one or two things. Many of our partners have a team of fantastic web developers and graphic designers, but they lack expertise in SEO or PPC. Maybe you do SEO but can’t keep up with all of the changes to Facebook and Google Ads/Google AdWords PPC. A private label partner can fill in the gaps and allow you to offer a full complement of digital marketing services to your prospects.

Then again, maybe this has nothing to do with service offerings. Perhaps you are just starting out, and your prospects are asking about your experience and portfolio. Maybe you have a chance to pitch a large and exciting client, but you fear your agency lacks the size or the “wow factor” to impress someone that big. That! Company can help. By bringing our experience, size, and award-winning track-record to the table, we can open doors many smaller agencies could never crack. Let us help you to sell the deals that build the business you have always dreamed of.

  • You can still do the things you love – Want to continue to do PPC management, but private label SEO? No problem. Want to focus on managing a client’s Facebook advertising, and become a Google Ads/Google AdWords reseller? We’ve got you covered. Want to outsource everything, except for those two or three clients you love working with? That! Company is happy to oblige. Compared to the other large providers out there, we are the boutique private label solution, willing to work with you to find just the right balance. Do what you love and let us do the rest.
  • Private Label Partner Benefits | Happy Face on PhoneYou can meet and exceed your client’s expectations – Expectations are everything. While we work to exceedingly high standards, even that can sometimes fail to satisfy clients of their expectations are not met. We begin by helping businesses to set ambitious, yet realistic goals, and chart a path to achieving them. Then we continuously show them how we are leading them down the path to success. Perhaps the leading problem is our industry is lack of communication. One thing we consistently hear from both our SEO reseller and PPC reseller partners is that other private label partners they have worked with have almost no communication with the end client or limit interaction to a set of monthly reports. We believe three things:
    1- An educated client is a good client, and like to be a long-term client.2- It is better to over-communicate at the beginning to get everyone on the same page, earn the client’s trust, and glean their insights from their years in the industry. Nobody knows internet marketing better than us, but nobody knows your business’s clientele better than you.3- Regular reports and communication lead to problem-solving, innovation, and better client retention. We have tools smaller agencies lack. We have relationships with search engines and tool providers smaller agencies lack. Whatever problems your clients are experiencing, we have solved things like that before.
  • You can count on our economy of scale – What if you landed a six or seven-figure contract with a Fortune 500 firm? Obviously, that would be a great problem to have, but it could still be a problem. Would you be able to service the client in the right way?

While we aren’t gargantuan, That! Company is in the top few percent of all private label partner digital agencies in America in terms of employee count. We are continually filling our pipeline for new talent. This means that we are able to absorb huge influxes in clientele. Want proof? We were an Inc 500 firm, making us one of the fastest-growing agencies in the nation several years ago. And those big accounts we landed? Every single one of them broke either revenue or ROI numbers after they joined us, and sometimes both. About to be flooded with business? Bring it on!

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  • Private Labels as Partners | Person Under UmbrellaYou are covered – This is the area entrepreneurs don’t think of until it is too late, and then it is all the think of. What happens to your clients when you get a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend a month in Europe? Do you pass up the chance, or do you put your clients’ needs on the back burner? Worse yet, what happens if you or a family member gets a serious and sustained sickness? Who suffers more, you who have to work the long hard hours you always have done as an entrepreneur in the face of a crisis or your clients who don’t receive the pro-active attention they deserve?

With a large private label partner like That! Company, you are covered. Each client we work with has a team of people supporting them. They are assigned a primary account manager, who oversees all projects and handles most of the communication with the client. They are also assigned a secondary account manager, who typically works behind the scenes a bit more, but is familiar with the project, and fully capable of stepping in if the primary account manager is sick or on vacation. When you have a team backing you up, there is always someone ready to pick up a dropped ball.

We can also help when you are personally in a pinch. We have short-term contracts available, so if you want to take that 2 month trip around the globe, we can manage the Google Ads/Google AdWords account for your client and go enjoy your trip. If you need someone to execute basic website SEO strategies while you focus on re-branding a client, or caring for a sick relative, we have the tools and the in-house expertise to prioritize even short-term projects properly and execute them professionally.  There is no telling what unexpected obstacles you may encounter which could potentially endanger some of your accounts. With That! Company as your digital marketing private label partner, you have the flexibility and resources to overcome them.

We would love to get to know you and your digital marketing agency better, to see if we would be a good fit as a strategic private label partner. Please call us at 1 (800) 255-0396 to schedule a free consultation.

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