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That Company Wishes You a Happy New Year!

  It’s been another great year with our clients, and we’re excited for a successful 2014! If you’re a new customer, a long standing client, or a new prospect we appreciate having the opportunity to work along side you. We look forward to another successful and fun filled year with you. From our geeky, fun family to yours […]


Cold Calling isn’t dead. It’s very much alive

Cold calling is a vital marketing channel for many businesses. Not everyone will be looking or think they need your business or services. So how do you reach the people that do not see you TV ads, online marketing campaigns, or they simply overlook you? A team of cold callers may be the solution you’re […]

Using Broad Match Modifier

You can add a modifier to your broad match keywords to specify that certain words must be included in someone’s search term to trigger your ads. Since broad match modifier allows you to target searches that include at least one of your keywords, it can help increase how relevant your traffic is to your ads, […]

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How to Setup a Google Video Campaign

Step One Link Adwords and YouTube accounts Linking your accounts is an optional step, but can help you save time when you’re creating new video campaigns and ads. When you link the YouTube and AdWords accounts, you’ll be able to choose which YouTube videos you want to use in in advertising Campaign. You will need […]

Should You Be Using Texting Campaigns in Your Marketing/PR Efforts?

PR practitioners know that they need to be exploring and utilizing the latest digital strategies, but many are unfamiliar with the capabilities of text. Here’s a quick review of two text options for PR campaigns. Person-to-application (P2A): this messaging allows for a wide-range of interactions, and can really increase engagement with your brand. Users can […]

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How To Improve My Impression Share

According to Google, Impression Share is “the number of impressions you’ve received divided by the estimated number of impressions you were eligible to receive.” In other words, Impression Share percentage is the size of the pie that you received in comparison to the whole. You may wonder “How can I increase my Impression Share?”…and that […]

Google Tag Manager 2013

As a PPC Manager I have been running into more customers using the new Google Tag Manager to handle tracking on their web site. This blog will be the first in a series to discuss this new tool Google has provided for simplifying the adding of tracking code on a web site. Prior to this […]

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Is Search Engine or Social Media PPC for Me?

You mention pay per click advertising and I immediately think Google and Bing/Yahoo, but we can’t forget the other “big dogs” on the block; Facebook and Twitter for starters. You can shell out money through any paid-for-audience medium then hope for the best in the fact that you’re, at least, reaching some people “possibly” interested […]

What Are Offer Extensions and Best Practices

Offer extensions allow advertisers to promote special deals alongside their text ads. When customers search for their favorite products/brands, they will be able to view relevant offers. The offer headline will be visible under the main text ad along with a “View Offer” link.   Offer Extension Best Practices: Ensure your offer is redeemable at […]

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Google’s Yellow Ad Icon

Google is now displaying a yellow “ad” icon next to search results.  This expansion is now being seen across all desktop searches in the US. This video will show you how the icons are appearing and how to manage what advertisers that you want to block. Note: Ads are also being served with demographic data […]