Search Engine Optimization Campaign: Being In The Right Spot At The Right Time

Last Updated on March 2, 2021

Search Engine Optimization Success | Lightbulb With SEO Lit Up

Recently we had a client return to search engine optimization for one of their business units and gain search engine optimization success shortly after their return. This client had originally engaged our search engine optimization campaign management services in December 2016. The original campaign reached search engine optimization success throughout their search engine optimization campaign. In December 2018 they purchased a new existing business unit and renegotiated their search engine optimization campaign management services in January 2019 the campaign management of the original business unit.

While this new search engine optimization campaign for this new business unit was a success in regards to keyword rankings and visitor traffic, their customers were not buyers. Customers could go down to the local hardware store and buy similar materials for a much more affordable price. The client abandoned this search engine optimization campaign and re-engaged the original business unit’s search engine optimization efforts in June 2020 to much success.

 Search Engine Optimization And The Client

About the Client's Search Engine Optimization Campaign | Person Holding Lightbulb With an "i" In It

This client is a 501c/3 entity that provides employment and education services for individuals who are legally blind. As such, they have several different business units. The main entity produces liquid and aerosol cleaners, biobased hand soaps, office products, maintenance products, paints and coatings, and medical products. The other business units produce fabric adhesives, emergency/disaster preparedness supplies as well as information and cosplay costume adhesive products.

The first search engine optimization campaign was for the emergency/disaster preparedness supplies business unit. This business unit product offering is large and diverse. Meaning we have to cover a widespread of valuable keywords.

Their product offerings consist of:


  • Earthquake Kits
  • Hurricane Kits
  • Hygiene Kits
  • Pandemic Flu Kits
  • Roadside Kits
  • Outdoor Kits
  • First Aid/Trauma Kits
  • Search & Rescue Kits
  • School/Office Lockdown Kits
  • Bug-Out Bags



More Information About the Client

As you can see, there is a broad range of products and associated keywords to cover to gain success for this client’s chosen business unit.

Fortunately, this client is also a thought leader in disaster preparedness for earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, pandemics, nuclear fallout, fires, and almost all types of natural or manmade disasters so they have a good amount of content to work with around the applicable keywords. The business unit that replaced the emergency supplies business unit search engine optimization campaign was the cosplay costume adhesive business unit which consisted of just four low priced products:

  • Instant Adhesive Sheets @ $8.99 ea.
  • Flexible Adhesive Materials @ $9.99 ea.
  • EL & LED Wire Manager Attachment @ $12.99 ea.
  • Cosplay Costume Repair Kits @ $14.99 ea.

Selecting applicable keywords for this search engine optimization campaign was not difficult, however, there was little to no search volume for specific cosplay costume adhesive solutions at the time that we kicked off this campaign. The first search engine optimization campaign for the emergency/disaster preparedness supplies business unit began with the client needing a new website as their existing website was not mobile-friendly, not secure, and had issues with completing online orders for both mobile and desktop users. Not a good user experience. There was also an issue with the existing ranking keywords as there were not many as shown below.

  • Position 1 Keywords = 1
  • Page 1 Keywords = 5
  • Top 100 Ranking Keywords = 12

This entire process of finding a web development vendor and having the new web site built took the client one year to complete. During the process to find a vendor and build the website, we dedicated our search engine optimization campaign time to pre-loading search engine optimization methodologies to put in place before launch:

  • Identifying applicable keywords for the project
  • Identifying the correct keywords for the correct pages
  • Creating new meta page titles
  • Creating new meta descriptions
  • Identifying internal linking opportunities
  • Re-structuring URLs to be more user friendly for the new website
  • Creating the necessary 301 redirect file

At launch in December 2017, the web developer did not remove the bot crawl disallow from the /robots.txt so there was a bit of a ranking loss at launch which was shortly resolved as once we saw unexpected drops we examined the usual suspects and quickly found and resolved the disallow issue.


The Results of the Search Engine Optimization Success | Person Holding Tablet With Graph

During the course of the first search engine optimization campaign, the client had some improvements in almost all important metrics.

Product sales increased by just over +7.5% generating $91,581.35 vs $85,183.19 for the previous pre-search engine optimization comparison period. Their total of products sold increased by +82.97% with 13,895 products sold vs 7,594. The only important metric that posted negative was a drop in the average price by -41.24%, $6.59 vs $11.22, a $4.63 drop. Considering that this client’s product price range can vary from as little as $0.30 per unit to just over $1,600.00 this average price drop was of no concern to the client as their average quantity of products sold increased by +121.67%, 13.06 vs 5.89.

The final keyword ranking results were as shown below:

  • Position 1 Keywords = 23
  • Page 1 Keywords = 100
  • Top 100 Ranking Keywords = 162
The client had considered the first phase of search engine optimization campaign management a success when they decided to re-allocate their search engine optimization budget and efforts to their new cosplay costume adhesive… Click To Tweet

The new search engine optimization campaign for the cosplay costume adhesive products business unit began in January 2018 and ran through June 2020. We started with the following existing ranking results:

  • Position 1 Keywords = 0
  • Page 1 Keywords = 0
  • Top 100 Ranking Keywords = 19

We ended this search engine optimization campaign in June 2020 with the following existing ranking results:

  • Position 1 Keywords = 35
  • Page 1 Keywords = 58
  • Top 100 Ranking Keywords = 142

During the term of this search engine optimization campaign we gained the following results:

  • +2,414.66% increase in organic search sessions
  • +3,156.37% increase in organic search new users
  • +1,080.00% increase in the number of transactions
  • +463.33% increase in product sales
  • +468.75% increase in unique purchases
  • +553.85% increase in the number of products sold

This is why SEO is important to both web developers and marketing agencies. Feel free to click that link to get a deeper understanding of why SEO is important. At this point, the client decided that this particular business unit was not profitable enough to afford a search engine optimization campaign and re-allocated their campaign budget back over to the emergency/disaster preparedness business unit.

To The Point About Search Engine Optimization Success

To the Point of the Search Engine Optimization Success | Green Arrows Pointing To Black Dot

I titled this blog, Search Engine Optimization | Being In The Right Spot At The Right Time, and here’s the final result as of the writing of this post. When we had completed round one of this campaign in December 2018 we left the client with a solid search engine optimization foundation:

  • Position 1 Keywords = 23
  • Page 1 Keywords = 100
  • Top 100 Ranking Keywords = 162

When the client’s search engine optimization campaign resumed we had found that the previous work had continued to improve even though we had not worked on the campaign for a year and a half. Below is the accounting of the keyword ranking results that we restarted the search engine optimization campaign:

  • Position 1 Keywords = 27
  • Page 1 Keywords = 102
  • Top 100 Ranking Keywords = 175

The first task that the client had for us was to review and optimize new product pages that had been added to the site while we were performing search engine optimization campaign management for the cosplay adhesive website. This consisted of 26 pages of new bundled emergency preparedness products.

Final thoughts

The result is ranked pages was mixed, however, we had several of these newly optimized bundle pages lands in position #1 on the first index and stay there. One of these bundled product pages, ranking in position #1, resulted in an organic search visit that generated the most single-day revenue ever from organic search while under campaign management. Even, far outpacing the sales during the first phase sales of the Covid-19 period.

Typically, organic search accounts for around 20% of the site’s overall product sales for any given month. In this case, this one order boosted our organic search product sales to $32,579.69, accounting for 70.41% of the site’s overall product sales for the month of $46,269.51. The one-day sales total from organic search visits generated $19,069.84, 96.65% of the site’s one-day sales of $19,730.78.This boost came from one visitor that bought only 3 different items but 195ea of 2 of the products.

Our client tracked this purchaser down to learn that this was an end of the fiscal year purchase and a new customer for the client. A first time visitor to the site. This was a stunning result and demonstrates the power of having the right keyword in the right place at the right time to achieve search engine campaign management success. It can also be yours.

Interested in SEO? Consider using our white label SEO services. Also, please contact us and let us know what you think of the article and this case of search engine optimization success.

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