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SEO Content Creation and Consolidation to Boost SEO Rankings

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Many aspects boost search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. The one that we will touch on here is SEO content creation, both in developing the content and consolidating content. Both are important to strengthening a website’s overall authority on specific keywords. We will discuss some basics of content creation, including proper keyword research and usage, SEO content quality, answering user questions, and using shorter length videos. We will then discuss when and how to consolidate your content. Considering each of these when addressing your site’s content will help you see a boost to your website’s SEO rankings.

SEO Content Creation and Consolidation to Boost SEO Rankings

SEO Content Creation

·       Proper Keyword Research and Usage

Before creating your content, you need to do so with keywords in mind. This does not mean that you should think of some keywords off the top of your head and use those to do some proper research first. Several sites can help you research keywords. What you want to do is categorize your keywords into things like informational, navigational, local, or transactional. The content you create should reflect the category the keyword belongs to. Your keyword research should also reflect the difficulty in winning a keyword compared to the competition.

You may need to start looking for long-tail keywords, which are keywords that have multiple words in the phrase. Long-tail keywords generally do not have as much competition and can help create specialized SEO content that can contribute to more significant lead generation. You cannot go wrong by doing some keyword research, so make sure you do not skip this step. Need some assistance with getting your SEO game off the ground? Learn more about our White Label SEO Services.

·       Quality

When we look at the various aspects of content creation, one should always produce the highest quality content they can. Google has its Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines, which can help you better understand the various factors that Google considers for quality. Focus on creating content that shows your expertise, is authoritative, and is trustworthy. These all factor into Google’s E-A-T algorithm signals. Do not cut corners with your content just to push something out the door. Spend time cultivating good quality SEO content creation for your site, and you should see the benefits soon after the search engines index the pages.

·       Answer User Questions

SEO Content Creation That Answers Questions

One of the best ways to rank for a keyword is to create content that answers user questions. This works because it anticipates what the user wants. You want to address the user’s needs immediately, which means that your content does not have to be super lengthy, just that it correctly and fully answers the question the user is asking. Your keyword research should include finding questions that you can answer with your content.

By answering a user’s query, you will enhance the authority of your site, show your expertise, and show users that you are trustworthy. That is right; you will be creating that quality SEO content we talked about earlier. If you are not sure what kind of content to write, start by writing content that answers user questions. For instance, if you are interested in learning more about becoming a White Label Partner with us, you can view our White Label Partnership FAQ page.

·       Create Micro-Video Clips

Most people do not have the time to sit and watch a longer video on a website. That is what YouTube is for, so when they come to your site, find a way to give them a quick video. If you sell products, a micro-video about the product would be very helpful. If you have something interesting to say, highlight the most exciting bits. A video between 10 and 20 seconds does not sound very long, but you can convey a lot of information at that time. More detailed videos can be used on the website but remember to have snippets of your most important or compelling information for the user that does not have the time to watch your longer videos. Micro-videos are especially helpful for people on mobile devices. These videos can enhance your SEO content creation efforts.

Consolidate SEO Content

·       Outdated Content

A bane of content is one that can become out of date or obsolete. Sometimes it is better to remove any outdated content than to leave it on your website and to have it be a burden on the search crawlers. The best thing you can do is to edit the content to update it if possible. This has the added benefit of refreshing it for the crawlers and potentially turning an old and outdated piece of content into higher quality SEO Content. If updating the content is not possible, then you should remove the content from the website instead of leaving it up.

·       Weak or Thin Content

The next type of content that you want to evaluate is content that is weak or thin. By this, I mean that the content should be long enough to contain quality, such as help center pages. We talked about answering questions as a way of SEO content creation. If answering user questions will not provide much actual content, then you may want to combine multiple questions to form one page that answers these questions. Perhaps think of follow-up questions that a user may have that fall in-line with the question you are already answering.

·       Content with Low or No Traffic

Enhance Content With Low or No Traffic

It would be best if you were using Google Search Console and Google Analytics to identify which SEO content is not producing traffic. You can look at the user behavior on the page and make some adjustments to see if you can fix the traffic issue. If you cannot fix it or just do not want to spend the time trying to figure out a way to fix it, then it’s time to remove the content or transfer some of the information to another page that is seeing traffic. Whatever the case, having a piece of content not being helpful on your site should be addressed.

How To Apply Content Creation & Consolidation To Your Marketing Strategy

[bctt tweet=”When we look at the direction SEO content creation has gone in, we can see that a lot has changed. However, what has always been important is now even more so. Quality is essential for SEO content creation that lasts.” username=”ThatCompanycom”]

Creating content that has always been important to optimizing a website for search engines as the adage has been, ‘content is king.’ Keyword research helps us to develop content that is pertinent to our audience and enables us to create the appropriate content like transactional or informational. When we look at the direction SEO content creation has gone in, we can see that a lot has changed. However, what has always been important is now even more so. Quality is essential for SEO content creation that lasts. Answering questions allows us to give the user what they are looking for and, by extension, helps us to show our expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Micro-videos give us the chance to capture the attention of the user, and they are extremely helpful for mobile users.

Consolidating content also has its uses, especially when we are talking about content that has lost its purpose, such as outdated content. Weak or thin content needs a helping hand to get them to where they should be. Low or no traffic content need to be addressed if possible, removed, or partially pieced onto a piece of content that is getting traffic. Whatever the case may be, like a bonsai tree, you need to do a little pruning of your content for your website to look its best. Taking into consideration these items and working on your site’s SEO content creation tactics will ultimately boost your SEO rankings with proper content marketing and enhance your site’s traffic.

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