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Social Network Advertising – Which One is Right for Your Business?

Have you considered advertising on a social network? If so, have you considered which social network would be most beneficial for your business?  One of the things to consider is what you are selling? Are you selling products or services? Or are you just getting educational information to people interested in the topic you are […]

Facebook Advertising – How Do You Get Started?

Everyone knows Facebook is one of the top social networks available today. It is a convenient way to catch up with old friends and meet new “friends”, people who associate with the people you do know . We have all seen the development of advertising on Facebook giving companies another avenue to promote and sell their […]

Keep Content Creation In Mind For Mobile

Top 4 Essential SEO Strategies to Focus On

When someone talks about SEO strategies, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? You may think about link building or content creation, right? Well, these two items are certainly valuable, and you’ll find them on our list. A quick search on SEO strategies will inundate you with a host of strategies that you can […]

How to Scope Out a Project

As happy as you are for the business, there is something that can make great deals turn into a sour mess quick. It can lead to setting yourself up for constant edits, miscommunication, disappointment, and unmet expectations. So, how do you avoid all that headache? Scoping out a project is the only way to set […]

Scope Your Work Plan

Ride Google’s Algorithm Wave, or Sink

If you have decided to try and find success in the digital industry universe, you must compete. In order to compete with those with relevant search terms to your own, your business must rank in search engines. In order to gain any rank in Google or the many other search engines, you must optimize. The […]

Ride The Wave This Algorithm Change

Emails vs. Phone Calls: Which Medium Provides Better Leads to Sales?

Being a sales executive or the front man pitching products and services, have you ever thought about how to improve your business and work strategy? What course of action and medium of communication will help you get a better grasp on your potential clients? Have you ever thought about what time, method, or channel is […]

Phone calls are typically a thing of the past as emailing takes over.

When considering, what are search engines? you must go back to 1990.

What are Search Engines and Why Are They Important?

The word “search engine” can be divided in two parts. Search basically means search or retrieval of data, while engine can be a program designed to analyze or retrieve the data from the internet. In other words, the word search engine means a service that allows the users on the internet to search for any […]