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Why Microsoft Ads Could Get Your Business To Your Goals Faster

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Grow Your Business With Microsoft Ads

For those of you that may not have heard of Microsoft Ads as of yet, it is simply the old Bing search engine that now goes under the name Microsoft Advertising. For those that are not familiar with Bing, it is widely known as the second largest search engine online aside from of course Google, and Youtube (which is a Google platform). Many may have used a Bing search in the past and may not have even known which search engine they were using when the results came back from their search. Bing has grown its status and partnerships with various other search engines such as Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, and AOL to name a few of the very many now partnered with Bing.

So now that we have gone through a bit of history and a brief story of Bing, we now can see the possibility of the second largest search engine when it comes to a paid search advertising platform now named Microsoft Ads. Yes, Google is a household name at this point, which means there is plenty of paid search results to be obtained. However, adding another huge presence of ad campaigns on the second largest search engine could very well send your business over that tip of the iceberg at a little bit of a faster pace than previously thought.

Hopefully, you will find this blog article very useful, and maybe it will help you decide on which direction your business could go in regard to the question “How Can Microsoft Ads Get Your Business To Your Goals Faster?”

Is the Microsoft Ads Platform Different From the Google Ads Platform?

Is the Microsoft Ads Platform Different From the Google Ads Platform?

The answer to the question “Is the Microsoft Ads Platform Different from the Google Ads Platform?” would have been a whole lot different about a year ago. Ever since Google’s complete overhaul and changing of their Google Ads platform, there is likely nothing like the new “experience” of the Google Ads interface. However, a lot or nearly all the previous Google Ads (formerly named AdWords) functions and layout can be found in the same areas of the interface of the Microsoft platform.

When Microsoft Ads was still named Bing for all those prior years, Bing did a really good job of piggybacking on how the layout and functionality of the Google AdWords platform looked and operated as Google made changes from year to year. Of course, Bing was always about a year or two behind the king platform known as Google AdWords, but they figured things out promptly to help out Bing Advertisers. So many of the features that Google and Bing Advertisers grew up using and recognizing are still active on the old Bing platform to this day.

Microsoft Ads Platform: Best of Both Worlds

It would be very hard to argue that at this current time, Microsoft Ads has the more efficient and easier to use interface or platform even when you compare it to the current Google Ads platform. The reason is due to the gigantic change that Google made a little over a year ago and changing their paid advertising platform name from Google AdWords over to Google Ads. Google did a complete overhaul of the platform that many longtime Google Advertisers did not find to be a good move. Complaints of hiding simple function buttons, combining several features into one, and various other layout exclusions and inclusions, there was a long list of Google Advertisers that were knocking Google in forums and blogs because of this unwarranted change.

If you ask many of the long-time Google Advertisers the question of which paid advertising platform is the easiest to use right now, you will likely get many answers for Microsoft. Due to the variety of functions, Microsoft Ads gives the platform there is more control, unlike the new Google platform geared towards automation and artificial intelligence that Google keeps pushing for advertisers to use. With Google trying to take away a lot of the control from the end-user of the platform, many will say that Microsoft Ads still has the user’s best interest in mind. We would encourage anyone to figure that out for themself and to give it a good test. Want an expert to run the campaign for you? Learn more about White Label PPC.

[bctt tweet=”If you ask many of the long-time Google Advertisers the question of which paid advertising platform is the easiest to use right now, you will likely get many answers for Microsoft.” username=”ThatCompanycom”]

How Much Traffic Can You Expect To Gain From Microsoft Ads?

As mentioned above, Bing is still the second largest search engine in the internet age, however, we all know who has the lion’s share of the total online traffic visitors. Even though Bing as a search engine is indeed the second largest search engine, don’t take away from Google still owning at a minimum 75% of the online searches out there from day-to-day. But we are talking millions upon millions of searches on a per-minute basis, meaning that Bing has some good benefits to anyone who does advertise to their online audience.

We will talk in terms of percentages when referring to how much traffic can be gained by running paid ads on the Microsoft Ads platform. With the many Bing / Microsoft Ads accounts that I have personally managed in the past or present, I can say with confidence that the traffic that can be gained by running ads is somewhere around 25% of the amount of traffic that Google Ads generates.

I will say do not go into launching a brand-new Microsoft Ads account expecting to generate the kind of traffic Google does because that will not be a realistic expectation for your ad campaign. Now do not get me wrong, I have had this happen before, however, most of the time it will not generate the same amount of traffic as the Google side. But do not let that be a determining factor of testing out the platform, I highly encourage it and feel you will not be disappointed.

How Much Can You Expect To Spend on A Microsoft Ads Campaign?

How Should You Spend for Microsoft Ads?

There is another good side of using that platform versus using the Google Ads platform. The Microsoft Ads platform, although it does not have quite the same amount of traffic as Google, you will also find that you will be spending much less than you would with Google campaigns. This trickles down to your average cost per click as well when it comes to the difference between Microsoft and Google Ads. You can pretty much count on the average cost per click to be less, and even in many instances around half of the cost per click that you would pay for a keyword click on the Google Ads side.

In closing, with all these factors that we have discussed, adding Microsoft Ads to your online paid advertising campaign can put a business in a prime position to have more traffic, sales, all while costing less than the other platforms. If you were on the fence about whether to try out the Microsoft platform, all it would take is a small test budget for you to get in there and see what it is all about. Wishing you the best with your future campaign performance! Need help with your Microsoft Ads campaigns? Talk to us about our White Label PPC Management services.

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